Read about our project to get optical cable in Norra Ny.

Optical cable in Norra Ny (PDF file)
We have now received a preliminary price. There is a maximum price of 22,500 crowns and valid in the range 300-350 connected properties. Are we about 400 real estate price will be approximately SEK 1 500 lower.
Definitely price in August.
For more information, please contact Dan Engeflod. dan.engeflod@telia.com or phone no 0563-860 62.

At this time we are ready to make the application for a grant to the autority.
The contribution will then be payed in june 2015, at earliest. This means that
building will start at earliest in autumn 2015.

You can now support us by join Norra Ny Fiberförening Ek.för. The membership cost
100 kr pro year. Please pay through our bank, bankgiro 544-3494, or directly to
anyone in the board. You find the names below ”Kontaktuppgifter Norra Ny Fiberförening”.